Dr. Aarti Kumar

Hair is a very important part of the human body which helps us with a confident and cheerful personality and makes our face look charming and attractive. We keep on changing our styles to look as beautiful as we can. In the same process we get our hair trimmed every now and then and waste our hair unknowingly.
On the other hand, the patients suffering from cancer go through tremendous pain emotionally and physically with the treatments, the depressing thoughts and to top it all, with hair loss. Morale goes down, they lose self-confidence, their beautiful face becomes dull and its grace is lost. I have personally seen this happen to 2 of my acquaintances.
I am one of those fortunate people who have been blessed with the genes of healthy long hair with fast growing capacity. The same has been passed to my daughters. My daughter, Shaan, only became the real source of inspiration to me for this noble deed when she donated her hair five years back and made us feel so proud with our heads held high.
I had made up my mind then that I too will certainly go for this. Somehow it could not materialize all these years but this time I was bent upon doing it.
Yes, I was a bit apprehensive about my looks after the hair cut as I had been a person with long hair since my childhood till this 60 years of age, but I did not give it a second thought. The waves of positivity and noble doing were so strong that it did not make any difference to me how my looks are going to be. Outer appearance may change but it was the inner feeling of utmost happiness which was ultimately going to reflect on my face making me look confident and beautiful. It was the positive feeling that someone else is going to look amazing with this hair of mine, someone will get back the lost smile on his/her face, someone will get a boost in his/her morale and confidence, and it were these wonderful emotions going inside me.
Now I have started loving this new look of mine. Don’t I look cute?
If it motivates you too, just go for it, do not hesitate. God bless all.

– Dr. Aarti Kumar