Discounted Pathology Services

Discounted Pathology Services

Madat Trust / CopewithCancer has made a special arrangement for discounted pathology (blood Tests)  investigations through quality medical service providers. Send in your list of pathology profiles and tests that you need to get done and we will help get you the right price at a location close to you.

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Besides discounted pathology tests please feel free to get in touch with us for other tests as well for which we can organise a discount viz. Mammography, cancer screening packages, PET CT and radiology tests.

Pathology Tests:

Pathology tests involve the laboratory testing of blood, body fluids and tissues. Blood tests, urine tests and stool (or faeces) tests are more common types of pathology tests. The best choice of pathology tests and when to use a test depends on your individual circumstances.

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Please ask specific instructions from the lab, as to how to prepare for a specific test.