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Discounted MRI Scan

Discounted MRI Scans

To avail of a discount for MRI scans in any city in India please fill out the form below and we will get back to you with options. All patients needing this medical service can register here.

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Madat Trust / Cope With Cancer has made a special arrangement for discounts for MRI Scans (around 30%) on investigations with quality private medical service providers.


What is a MRI Test?

Magnetic Resonance imaging (MRI) scan utilizes strong magnetic fields and radio frequency waves to generate detailed images inside of your body. It does not involve the use of radioactive material or x-rays so the technique is ideal for screening and determining very early stages of certain diseases such as cancer, stroke, and Alzheimer’s disease. It is also very useful for diagnosis of injuries, disorders of the brain, spine, breasts, bones and other tissues and organs of the body.

What is the procedure for MRI scan?

MRI technique makes use of the fact that the human body consist largely of water (75%), which is present in the cells, joints, and flowing fluids. Water molecules have weak positive (protons) and negative (electrons) charges. The weak protons are sensitive to the magnetic field. During MRI, the scanner magnetic field aligns with the protons of the cells of the organs or tissues. Subsequently, the radio frequency waves are turned on, which knock out the protons from alignment. When the radio waves are turned off again, the protons go back to realign with the magnetic field, which in turn emit radio signals, detected by radio detectors to create cross-section images of organs and tissues of your body, using 3D computer software. MRI serves as an important diagnostic tool, as it makes use of the fact that the proton signals produced by healthy cells are different from those produced by abnormal tissues, thus any aberrance in tissues, organs bones and joints can be assessed.