Discounts on Diagnostics for Cancer Patients

Discounts for Cancer Patients


The patients and the caregivers bear the brunt of cancer treatment in a very big way with a whole lot of families pushed into financial drudgery due to treatment cost.  Cope with Cancer  has made a special arrangements for discounts for cancer patients for investigations like PET, CT scans, & MRI and mammography and discounted products like anti-cancer drugs & nutritional supplements. We are partnered with centres that offer discounted Chemotherapy, Radiation and Surgeries.  Please contact us for your treatment requirements  click here

Doctors and Laboratory Owners please contact us to add your name to our list of providers. This could be your Corporate Social Responsibility initiative. Providers who would like to offer their services at discounted could send us an email at and

For Patients: Please select the city, and the center of your choice, take an appointment and get the scan done at discounted rate. One has to download the required form after filling in some details and take an appointment at the related center. Discounted charges will be collected by the centre at the time of appointment. ChuzDr Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. helps us get these discounts to needy patients