Delhi Rose

I was actually inspired by my friend to donate hair. she had donated her hair to your organisation and told me about the work you were doing. I waited for 3 years till I felt it was long enough to be donated.
Cancer is a terrible disease and I have seen some close family friends who had gone through this dreaded disease. Not only do they go through the physical pain but they also go through the emotional and the psychological pain of seeing your body transform. hair is an important part of a person’s identity, even we freak out when we have some hair fall but for a cancer patient, the transformation happens overnight and it’s a traumatic experience for them when they are already going through a myriad of pain. A wig helps in retaining little of their self-image and identity and I think it’s important that everyone partakes in this hair donation drive. this cost us nothing but makes a lot of difference to a person suffering from cancer.
– Delhi Rose