What information does copewithcancer offer cancer patients and their care-givers?

Information offered by copewithcancer

Cope with Cancer offers online counseling service, information about resources, discounted investigations and resources to cancer patients and their care-givers on national level. More than 15,000 people per month visit the website & benefit from it.

The tele-counseling service is operated by iCALL from Monday to Saturday from 10am to 10pm. Another helpline Aasra is operational 24 hrs for all 7 days of the week.

One of the major side effects of chemotherapy is loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting. Practical suggestions and tips for the patients to overcome that are provided. Cookery experts like the late Mrs. Tarla Dalal, Roopa Nabar, Archana Doshi and Naini Setalvad regularly churn out healthy, nutritional recipes for our patients.

The most important aspect of this website is providing information on national level about resources which are needed for cancer patients during the treatment. Names of anti-cancer drug suppliers, blood banks, cancer hospitals, financial aid providers, nursing bureaus, palliative centres, suppliers of nutritional supplements, prosthesis, wig makers etc are listed.

Concessional radiological and pathological investigations are offered to patients in state of the art diagnostic centres throughout India. Patients can avail of discounted drugs, prosthesis and nutritional supplements by downloading forms from our website.

To help expedite their treatment, Madat Trust has affiliated with diagnostic centres to get radiological tests done for economically challenged patients at a nominal cost, most of this cost being borne by the trust.