Chitrarth Medida

A few years ago, when I was pursuing my graduation, hair fall started happening to me out of no where. Like everyone, I was obviously not happy with the direction things were heading towards. It was draining me of my morale. Because, yes hair is an important part of our projection to the outside world. Slowly an year passed by, me fighting this change internally, and then I decided to grow my hair long. Because I wanted to taste what it is like, to have such a hairstyle. What began as an experiment, continued for 2 1/2 years. I must say, I redefined myself in this journey. Instead of being the let down factor on my personality, my hair turned out to be an asset. And slowly that helped me in improving my confidence to a point, where I made peace with hair loss. I was ready to sport a tonsured look. There was no looking back.  When I was halfway through the journey, I then came across this idea of hair donation to cancer patients. It struck me deeply when I realized, it wasn’t me who really needs hair to maintain a positive body image. There are people whose requirement is more acute and much necessary. My hair helped me in becoming a confident individual. In increasing my self-esteem multi-fold. I was more than willing to grow it for another year, if it can bring a change in the life of one more person. And so I did. if this can trigger others in walking down this path, I’d then believe my act to be successful. As I don’t think our human hair can serve a greater purpose than this.”

-Chitrarth Medida