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hair donors

Mehar Pandya

My grandma died of lymphoma cancer in 2017. The ‘C’ word has always been a sensitive topic for me and having witnessed the whole treatment procedure in person, it is heartbreaking to see what a person goes through during the treatment. Adding on to the stress of the illness, hair

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Vijayakumari. J

My favorite school teacher who had very long hair and soo smile always. 4 years before, I saw my teacher was getting recovery from Cancer but due to heavy dose of Medicine she totally lost the beautiful long hair and become very lean, face is so dull with very little

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Snehal Patole

I am feeling so proud and happy about the fact that my small initiative of donating my hair can make a cancer patient happy .. thank you cope with cancer for this initiative. -Snehal Patole

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Bhawana Kochar

This is the first time I have donated my hair and I really cherish the experience. I have seen my grandmother go bald due to chemotherapy and hence I can understand that this is an untouched area of concern. Hair is that feature of /to your appearance that holds a

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