Handling Breavement

Handling Bereavement

Handling Bereavement – Bereavement Counselling Bereavement is a period of grief and mourning one goes through after someone close to him dies. It is about trying to accept what happened, learning to adjust to life without that person and finding a way to keep their memory alive while one tries

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Take care of Yourself

How To Take Care Of Yourself

Caregivers – How to take care of yourself By stepping into the role of caregiver, you’re offering them the incredible gift of having someone to turn to in a difficult time. It’s important, though, to try to be as realistic as possible about what’s needed, and about your own limitations,

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Care for the cancer patients

Care Towards the End

Care Towards the End End-of-Life Care for People Who Have Cancer Key Points End-of-life care provides physical, mental, and emotional comfort, as well as social support, to people who are living with and dying of advanced illness. People who have already discussed their wishes for end-of-life care with their loved

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Understand what the person facing

Understand What The Person Is Facing

Understand What The Cancer Patient Is Facing A cancer diagnosis instantly changes things. The cancer patient is not alone to face the emotional, spiritual, social, and physical challenges. People who suffer from fatigue have no energy at all and find it difficult to do simple every day tasks. For this

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Caring Someone At Home

Caring for someone at Home

Caring for someone at Home Being the partner, friend or relative of someone with cancer can be very difficult. The feelings you may go through, including shock, acceptance, fear, relief, anxiety and relief can have a huge impact, both physically and emotionally. Everyone’s situation is different, and everyone has different

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Treatment Planning

How to help in the treatment Planning

How to help in the treatment Planning A friendly relation with your doctor to make decision about your cancer treatment may make you feel more confident as you begin your cancer treatment. A plan well made will help you in making treatment choices, controlling stress, knowing what to expect and

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How to talk to the Patient

How To Talk to The Patient

How to talk to a Cancer Patient When you first learn that someone close to you has cancer, you may have many thoughts such as, ‘What if I say the wrong thing?’, ‘How do I talk to them?’ and ‘I don’t want to hurt them. The most important thing to

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How break the News

How to break the News

Cancer How to break the News Breaking the news at the wrong time is worse than even breaking the news itself. So its important to know the best approaches to break the bad news.   Know that you are the right person to break the news. Prepare to place yourself

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How to help someone with Cancer

How To Help Someone With Cancer

How to help someone with Cancer Whether you are a close friend, a relative or an acquaintance, reaching out to a loved one during a difficult illness has amazing healing powers. Here are a few things you can do to relate, calm and help someone with cancer who you love

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