How to talk to the Patient

How To Talk to The Patient

How to talk to a Cancer Patient

When you first learn that someone close to you has cancer, you may have many thoughts such as, ‘What if I say the wrong thing?’, ‘How do I talk to them?’ and ‘I don’t want to hurt them.

The most important thing to realise is that there is no magic formula, phrase or approach that is the ’right’ thing to say or do in all circumstances and for all situations. There isn’t a right set of words or attitudes that will always help. It’s not a skill that everyone else but you has. If you want to help someone who’s facing a difficult time, just wanting to help and offering to be there for that person is what matters most. Most of us feel that we don’t know what to say. But the important thing is not what we say – it’s that we’re there and that we listen. When you understand the few simple rules of good listening, you’ll be a great help and support. Listening can help build a relationship between you both that allows you to be even more supportive and to know what your relative or friend needs.


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