How to involve everyone and get Support

How To Involve Everyone And Get Support For Cancer

How to involve everyone and get support

Caring for someone with cancer, or any chronic illness, is one of the greatest expressions of love. Putting aside the busyness of life to care for one less fortunate can be incredibly rewarding. There are few things we do in our day-to-day lives that benefit another as much. It can also be draining. Doing too much without the support of others can create feelings of resentment that linger long after the crisis is over. Families can nurture, give care and participate in the healing process.

Informed, involved patients and families can offer important information, make better decisions and improve the quality and safety of care. The best way is to make a list of people who could devote time for care of the patient.

Tabulate the people along with time slots and the activity they will be performing.

Try not to be a superhero; and see that adequate time for rest and recuperation is available to all.

Some people are uncomfortable being with a sick patient. Make them do errands /work where they do not have to remain with the patient.

A lot of friends / family would want to get involved in patient care but would not know how to ask – take the liberty of asking everyone.

Very often solutions to problems are got by the most unexpected people. In case there is a problem throw it open to all for solution.

Make use of the available resources – Ask for a list of local organizations from your cancer center. Support groups allow you to share your experiences with others in a similar situation, and can be a source of further resources. Several online cancer support groups are available, that you can join without leaving your home.


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