How to help someone with Cancer

How To Help Someone With Cancer

How to help someone with Cancer

Whether you are a close friend, a relative or an acquaintance, reaching out to a loved one during a difficult illness has amazing healing powers. Here are a few things you can do to relate, calm and help someone with cancer who you love who has just been diagnosed with a terrible illness:

Listen to them


Take care of the household work.

Involve Relatives, friends and share moments – Time is an important gift that you can give. Remember that even a short visit on a regular basis will be something they can look forward to.

Attend doctor visits and Chemo therapy sessions with them.

Ask them to write down the questions they want to ask. Listen carefully to the information and answers the doctor gives. It can be helpful to take notes or to ask the doctor if you can record the conversation so that nothing they say is missed. If you’re talking about difficult issues and, during a painful moment, you can’t look directly at each other, you can still stay close by. Hold the person’s hand or touch them if you know them well enough to do this.

Leave them alone at times – Some people find it hard to accept support even if they need it. This means that your offer may be refused. Although this may hurt your feelings, it’s worth remembering that this is not about some failing in you; it’s more about their sense of pride and their wish to be independent.

Love and be positive.

Don’t hide things from them or other loved ones

Provide them with financial guidance

Do not forget to take care of yourself – Being honest about your own feelings will help develop trust between you, and it’ll make it easier for the other person to be honest about their own feelings. It’s quite possible that the person you’re talking to feels the same as you. Even if you share the same feelings, remember not to stay focused on your own feelings. Make sure that you bring your attention back to your relative or friend.

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