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– Hair is an important part of our looks & the way we project ourselves to the world. Hair is precious and even more so to someone who loses it suddenly due to medical reasons. For cancer patients, hair loss is the most stressful & traumatic side effect of chemotherapy and radiation treatment. This effect on their appearance can be a further setback to patients who are already enduring physical and emotional hardship. The patients lose their identity, lack self-esteem and have lowered morale. Donating hair for cancer patients is both easy and rewarding and anyone can do so. Our hair that takes so long to grow can be made into a beautiful wig for someone who really needs it to maintain a positive body image after her hair is shed due to chemotherapy. It acts as a psychological therapy for the patients and not only will it give them the feeling of self confidence, a return of self esteem but also make them feel just like everyone else.

Most women cut, restyle, or shave off their hair for either styling or religious purposes. We , at Cope with Cancer, aim to create awareness, to inspire people to donate their healthy hair for a noble cause to someone who needs it and make them feel complete from within. It is a kind, generous and satisfying way for those who want to give something back to society to show that they care.

Wig or hair prosthesis is a nonsurgical hair replacement solution specifically designed for those suffering from hair loss. Wigs made from natural hair are custom made to fit the client’s head and are sturdy and durable. The inside of the cap is made with comfortable soft material for sensitive scalp. Special non-slip material is used in sections of the caps to prevent the wig from shifting and sliding on the head. In addition, there are hook adjustments at the nape of the neck. The hair is hand tied onto a scalp like base material which is breathable, comfortable and can be washed and styled as one desires, giving one a totally natural appearance. This is the advantage of wig made out of natural hair as compared to synthetic material.Hair donated is sorted out based on colour , length and texture and is used to prepare a wig. Hair from more than 6-7 people is required to make a wig for an adult. The hair you have donated will be used exclusively towards producing a low cost wig for an economically challenged individual.


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