In India, there are 25 lakh cancer patients. There are 7 lakh new cancer cases diagnosed each year and a similar number of deaths. A good number of deaths can be avoided by early diagnosis & treatment . The problem is the availability of timely treatment at an affordable cost .

Currently, copewithcancer provides financial aid to over 100 patients a month at Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai. It’s always been our mission to make a difference in insufficiently served areas in cancer care.

What is the campaign objective?

  • Scale our proven model & current initiative at Tata Memorial hospital by 3 times
  • Duplicate our Tata Memorial Hospital Model in two more cities in India
  • Fund Radiation Therapy treatment

What does 6k from 6k mean?

  • Our goal is to collect Rs. 6000/- from 6000 people.
  • A yearly donation of Rs. 6000/- or monthly donations of Rs. 500/- per month is what we are looking for.

Why the figure Rs. 6000/-

  • When we break down the sum total of 6000 into 500 for 12 months, it becomes a very affordable number for donors to participate in the fight against cancer.
  • We’ve come up with this figure to ensure that it does not pinch the pockets of our well-wishers, while allowing us to meet our goals.

How does the campaign work?

  • We have adopted a “POWER OF 10” model.
  • We want form a chain of supporters and well-wishers who act as our volunteers.
  • Each person donates Rs. 6000/- yearly or Rs. 500 per month.
  • The person then reaches to 10 friends and family members and brings them on board to contribute.
  • Each friend/family member then reaches out to 10 more people and so on.. In this way, we form a chain as strong as iron in the fight against cancer and reach our magic figure very quickly.

More than 97.5% of the money you donate goes towards actual projects in cancer care and less than 2.5% is spent by us on administration expenses.

How does this campaign help Madat Trust?

  • On a per-individual basis, a sum of Rs. 6000/- may look small. However, when we add together these individual donations we reach a massive total of INR 3.6 crore. This final sum now ensures that we have a foothold to make a big enough difference in underserved areas in cancer care.
  • Creating a structured campaign such as 6K from 6K gives us an assured and predicable cash flow. With your help, we can then plan our project better.
  • Similarly, these 6000 donors and the on-ground muscle power they provide us with, enables us to initiate related projects.

How to save money to donate?

  • We’re often unaware that we’ve been wasting money on things we don’t even need. Once we can identify these places, it’s a lot easier to donate without feeling the pinch.
  • We’ve found some articles that list ways one can save money and have a little extra cash on hand to help:

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Madat Trust‘s copewithcancer is a cancer NGO based in Mumbai, India. It was born out of the feeling that there was inadequate information about resources for cancer patients and caregivers as well as a need for counseling. The trust identifies and helps address undeserved areas in cancer care in India, thus helping patients and caregivers cope with cancer.

Why donate to charity?

  • Even small donations have an impact:
  • Giving makes us happier:
  • Giving brings us closer to creating the world we would want to live in:
  • Finally, giving is tax deductible: