Procedure at tata memorial hospital

Admission Procedure At Tata Memorial Hospital

Tata Memorial Hospital is in Parel, Mumbai in India. It is a specialist cancer treatment and research centre, closely associated with the Advanced Centre for Treatment, Research and Education in Cancer (ACTREC). In this article you will read about the procedure at tata memorial hospital, registration procedure of in-patients, out-patients procedures, procedure for foreign patients, about various patient categories, about different schemes etc.

What is an In Patient?

A patient who lives in the hospital for treatment is an in patient.

What is Out Patient?

A patient who attends a hospital for treatment without staying there overnight is out patient.

There are four basic categories for Out-Patients:

  • General
  • Private
  • Outside Referrals (Second Opinion)
  • Preventive Oncology

One must be careful while choosing their patient category for treatment. A change from one category to another (General to Private and vice Versa) is permitted only once. However, you can get help from the Medical Social Workers’ Department to choose the category.

Patient Categories

Depending on your financial capacity to pay for the treatment at Tata Memorial Hospital, you will fall under one of the following categories:

  1. General patients (Part paying)

All patients fall under category C until their subsequent category is determined by the medical social worker or the office of the medical superintendent.

  • Category C: Partly charged – 20% for investigations and consultations and rest as per the actual.
  • Category NC: Minimal Charges for few services – No investigation or consultation charges and rest as per actual.
  • BP (Below Poverty): Rajiv Gandhi Jeevan Yojana Scheme provides cashless quality care to families with an annual income below 1,00,000 for an amount of 1,50,000 per family per year.
  1. Private Patients (Full paying)
  • Category B: Indian Citizen
  • Category F: Foreign National


What is In Patient Procedure at Tata Memorial Hospital?

  1. Hospital Deposit for admission: Patients need to pay a hospital deposit which will depend on the treatment modality and the room category. Also, this bill is adjusted in the final bill. However, you will have to pay any excess in the billing.

See point 3 for the facilities in each category.

  1. Wait list for Admission: Patients advised hospitalization by their treating doctor must enter their names in the waitlist in respective OPD’s. Patients are intimated as soon as bed is available.

In case you are a private patient, you need to pay wait list deposit depending on the choice of category of room. Also, this deposit is adjusted in the final bill.

  1. Tata Memorial Hospital currently has 530 beds for inpatient treatment. All rooms have facility of central supply of oxygen and vacuum in addition to call bell system.

Following are the categories of the rooms:

  • General ward: Consists of beds with a stool for attendant and a cabinet for safe keeping of personal belonging. Also, each wing has bathroom and toilet facilities. Patients share this facility.
  • Semi Private Rooms (Category B): Air conditioned rooms for shared occupancy, television, shared bathroom facility and a couch for attendants.
  • Private Rooms (Category A): Are single occupancy, air conditioned rooms with attached bathroom, television and a sofa cum bed for attendant.
  • Deluxe Rooms (Category D): Air conditioned rooms with bathroom, telephone, television, refrigerator and a bed for attendant.

I want to get my treatment done in TMH, what is the procedure?

Following is the Out Patient Procedure at Tata Memorial Hospital:

  • While coming to the hospital, bring a responsible attendant with you. So, when in need they can take important decisions on your behalf.
  • Bring all relevant documents like referral letter, slides, CT scan, other reports with you. Also, bring medicines and medical documents relating to your present and past medical conditions.
  • If you are an outstation patient, check your pre-existing medical conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes etc are in control. This may avoid delay in treatment and also reduce your stay in Mumbai.

What is Hospitals Working Hours?

The hospital works from:

  • 9:15 am to 5:30 pm – Monday to Friday
  • 9:15 am to 2:15 pm – Saturday

However, emergency services are available round the clock daily.

Also, you may choose to register as General or Private Patient depending on the financial capacity to pay for your services you avail. Transfer from one category to another can be done only once. The Public Relation Staff will assist you.

The registration procedure differs for General and Private Patients:

Registration Procedure for General Patient in Tata Memorial Hospital:

  • Register at the registration office located on Ground Floor of Golden Jubilee Building.
  • Fill up the form. This also includes demographic details.
  • Proceed to the Registration counter. Here, you will get a case file and registration card.
  • The Medical Social Worker will interview the general patients. They will assign the patient to C: Partly charged or NC: Least Chargeable or BP.
  • The doctor in charge of the OPD will review your documents. Following this they will assign you the appropriate doctor/services for your treatment.

Also, if you have any difficulty in the process, you can take the help of Public Relations Office/ Medical Social Worker/ Voluntary Social Worker.

How to avail for Rajiv Gandhi Jeevandayee Yojana Scheme?

Patient should be carrying yellow or orange ration card of Maharashtra state with annual income of less than Rs 1,00,000 per annum. They can avail for Rs 1,50,000 per year in treatment concession for your family. Patient will then be registered under BP category.

Registration Procedure for Private Patient in Tata Memorial Hospital:

  • Register at the registration office located on the 1st floor, Homi Bhabha Building.
  • If you are referred by your employer/insurer with prior credit arrangement with Tata Memorial Hospital, please contact their Accounts Department for extension of credit facility.
  • You can choose your doctor. Otherwise, the authorities will assign you a doctor appropriate for your case.
  • Registration office will issue a case file and registration card with case file number on it. Keep the card safe. As this will enable speedy retrieval of the medical case each time you visit the hospital for treatment or consultation. This case file number is the unique identifier of your medical records.

Registration Procedure for Foreign Patient in Tata Memorial Hospital:

  • Foreign nationals must email their medical reports to
  • The doctor will review the records. An email will be sent to you with letter of appointment for your medical visa.
  • You must possess a valid medical visa at the time of registration. Attendant should also carry Medical X Visa.
  • You must deposit a sum of Rs 2 Lakh in Indian currency before undergoing specialized treatment including operation.International Patients Advisor (IPA) (Public Relations Officer)
  • Register at the registration office located on the 1st floor, Homi Bhabha Building.
  • You must contact the Chief security Officer with an original passport and valid medical visa whenever admitted to the institution.
  • All the documents will be attested by the Security and Public Relations Department.


After completion of the registration you can consult your doctor/service. The doctor will review the reports and may ask you to undergo further diagnostic evaluation/investigations. This will include blood test, X-ray, scans, biopsies etc.

Diagnostic Services

  • After getting advice from your treating doctor, you will have to go to the diagnostics areas. There you have to give blood/body fluid samples. You may have to undergo diagnostic scopies/biopsies.
  • If you are an outpatient, you will have to pay for all the services you avail. The secretary of the doctor will prepare a consolidated memo. Also, you will have to pay this amount at the cash counter located on the ground floor. Otherwise, if you are a credit patient, the value of the services availed will be debited from your account.
  • The doctor will evaluate the report and will discuss the treatment options with you. Also, you can clear all the issues concerning your treatment.
  • The doctor may ask you to take the treatment as an inpatient. Also, they will give you the cost estimate of the treatment. You may note that the estimated cost may escalate in case of any complications.
  • After your evaluation, you will have to deposit the case file to the concerned secretary in the private OPD and Registration Office in the general OPD.
  • You may take photocopy of the contents for further reference and records. Also, get the photocopies attested by the Public Relations Officer.

Appointment and Travel Concession

You as a General or Private patient can choose to avail for travel concessions for road, rail and air transport to your place of permanent residence. Therefore, ensure that you enter your nearest airport/railway station/bus depot correctly in the registration form to avail for travel concession.

Also, for your next visit, the doctor’s secretary or the registration office will issue an appointment slip. That slip contains the date, time of the next appointment.

You may also choose to avail travel concession for Road/Rail/Air transport to your place of permanent residence as per rules laid down by the concerned travel authorities.

  • Train

Valid for the following compartments:

  1. Three tier air conditioned class (3A)
  2. Two tier air conditioned class (2A)
  3. First class air conditioned (1A)

Patient – Free or 50% discount

One attendant – upto 25% discount

  • Bus

Patient – upto 50% discount

Attendant has to pay full fare

  • Air

Patient – Upto 50% discount only with Air India

Attendant has to pay full fare

What is the exact cost of radiation therapy for lung cancer at Tata Memorial Centre in Mumbai?

Cancer treatment is costly. Because, this cost involves chemotherapy, radiation therapy and many other diagnostic tests along with the hospitalization expenses.

There is no exact cost of radiation therapy. Because, it depends on many factors and varies from person to person. The factors which determine the cost are as follows.

  • Stage and Spread of cancer: Cancer cells grow and divide faster than other cells. The cost of the cancer which is diagnosed at an early stage is lower. The cost is higher if diagnosed later. Also, the cost depends upon the size of the tumour and the spread of cancer.
  • Patient’s age and medical history: The cost of treatment for young patient is less. However, the cost will be high for older patient with complex medical history.
  • Patient’s general health and attitude: Patients with better overall health respond much better to the treatment. Positive attitude plays an important role. Also, it helps to bring about faster and better outcome of chemotherapy. So, better general health and a positive approach does help in faster recovery. Also, it reduces the cost of treatment.
  • Treatment plan: No two cancers have same approach. Because it depends on the size and spread of cancer.
  • Infrastructure and facilities provided at the hospital
  • Machines and techniques used

Financial Assistance to patients:

After registration as a patient and in case of financial difficulty, many voluntary individuals or organizations can aid the same. However, the medical social workers department will only forward the relevant documents to them. You must carry the following documents in original and the photocopies of the same:

  • Ration card (Indian citizen)
  • Income certificate
  • Domicile certificate

The trust provides financial assistance for surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Also, Madat Trust/Cope with Cancer provides financial assistance to patients admitted in general category at Tata Hospital, Mumbai through the MSW department. After registration at Tata hospital, please meet the MSW room no 54 golden jubilee building with the required documents.

They do not directly provide financial aid to any individual. Cope with Cancer have listed the contact details of NGOs who provide financial aid, and you could contact them directly.

Financial Aid Provider

Help desk at Tata Memorial Hospital:

Copewithcancer / Madat Trust has a support Helpdesk in the General Ward OPD, Golden Jubilee building at Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai. The helpdesk is open from Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm The general OPD & Madat helpdesk are shut on weekends & public holidays.

  • The volunteers guide, navigate and assist the patients, caregivers and other organization.
  • Fill up the registration and other forms
  • Guide patients to the right department within Tata – assistance & navigation
  • Assist them to the consultation with their medical team to explain the same to them
  • Connect people with our counseling helplines if needed
  • Disburse wigs
  • Help in serving food at lunch time
  • Guide the donors & Distribute donations
  • Counseling sessions at TMH physiotherapy department for post-operative patients of breast unit
  • Counseling at TMH to breast, gynec & thoracic OPD patients and caregivers

Is there a good but cheap hotel or accommodation nearby Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai for a patient getting Cancer treatment there?

If you are an adult, the medical social workers’ department also arranges free or subsidized accommodation at Borges Memorial Home in Bandra and other sites. Accommodation is available for both general and private category patients on the basis of first come first serve basis. You can stay there for 4 to 6 weeks, and is applicable for those in close regular follow-ups. You need to present your hospital smart card and discharge card to allow admission.

Also, the St. Jude’s Centre for Children accommodates children at subsidized rate at the Indian Cancer Centre in Parel for a period of up to 9 months.

In the following link copewithcancer has provided the list of lodges around Tata Memorial Hospital. You can select the area where you want to stay during the treatment. Finally, contact the selected lodge and book the accommodation.

Discounts on Investigations for cancer patients:

Patients and the caregivers bear the brunt of cancer treatment in a very big way with a whole lot of families pushed into financial drudgery due to treatment cost. Therefore, Cope with Cancer has made special arrangements for discounts for cancer patients for investigations like PET, CT scans, & MRI and mammography and discounted products like anti-cancer drugs & nutritional supplements.

Discounted treatment for cancer patients:

We are partnered with centres that offer discounted Chemotherapy, Radiation therapy and Surgeries. Also, contact us for your treatment requirements.

Click on the link below and fill up all the details. We shall get back as soon as possible. Or you can write to us at with the following details.

  • Name of patient
  • Age
  • City and Locality
  • Mobile number or patient & caregiver
  • Treatment required to be given
  • Details of the treatment your doctor has recommended with the written estimates given.


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