Bhaskar Chakrbraorty

This story goes quite long back to when I was just a little boy. I am a pro wrestling fan I used to be a fan of the great Undertaker. Like me, there are lots of ’90s kids who used to be his fan, from mimicking his Moves to his tattoo to his long hair used to fascinate me a lot but for a 7-8 yrs old kid it was very hard to grow out his hair. An obvious reason school won’t let me grow hair but I still try to let my hair grow until I get punished by our teachers. Also, I used to get lots of compliments from my friend and especially from lots of my female friends. Finally, after my school, I started to grow out my hair but never got a chance to let my hair grow past my shoulder length. I had lots of long hair journey during my college days and I remember that I did grow out my hair quite long but due for some reason I did cut my hair short and I came to know that guys with long hair can too donate their hair, immediately I regret my decision. So, I promised myself that If I grow out my air again then I will grow up to a certain level from where I can donate my hair. As I got busy with my life and my schedule got a little busier so I couldn’t let my hair grow past my shoulder length. I remember back in 2019, the last week of July I had a haircut done and then I started growing out my hair it wasn’t my intention ( as I do hair done once or twice a year) then covid came I didn’t cut my hair a year whole 2020 then the Second wave came in 2021 also I didn’t bother to cut my hair after August when I completed 2 yrs of long hair journey I recall my promise and decide to grow out my hair as much as I can and finally on 1 Aug 2022 after Completing 3yrs of long hair journey I decided to donate my hair. I’m super happy and grateful that I could keep my promise.
–  Bhaskar Chakrbraorty