Barni Sarkar

“Hi, myself is Barni, I am 21 years old, though I am not good at expressing my thoughts, but still I want to share this, if it inspires others to donate hairs. Everyone must know, cancer is not an easy disease to diagnosis, the treatment procedure has also various kinds of side effects, one of the very evident side effect is loss of hairs and damage of hair cells. Though many people (rather warriors) win against the disease, but still they get a mental breakdown due to the loss of hair and as the treatment of cancer is really expensive, so buying a wig sometimes considered as ‘luxurious waste of money’. So the least we can do for them, donate our hair for making free wig for cancer patients, and after knowing all these things I decided to donate my hair, thank you ‘The Madat Trust’ for giving us such an opportunity to do something for cancer patients, the warriors.” #copewithcancer
– Barni Sarkar