Baby Ray

I was a cancer patient 21 years back. When I first found a tumor in my right breast then I was only 40 years old and my only daughter was in 8th standard. I knew only one thing and determined that I need to fight back for my daughter. It was not easy, after every chemo I felt more illness, more depressive, more broken. After 13 raw chemo I was in medication for next 13 years and follow up check-up. I knew the pain when we lost hair but believe me it was more mental pain than the post-operative pain. Want to give a message to every Breast cancer patients “Be strong, If I could you also can fight back. Just keep your mind calm and focus on your strength and reason for fight back. After recovery also please check yourself as per your doctor’s recommendation. The world is beautiful, more than that you are beautiful. I would like to thanks COPE WITH CANCER to give me the opportunity to donate my hair. 

-Baby Ray