Araina Gupta

A small note from us to everyone…Dear friends and family, I’m honoured to be here today to talk to you about something that’s very important to me. As some of you may know, I’ve made the decision to donate my hair to someone in need. For many people, hair loss can be a deeply personal and emotional experience, whether it’s due to illness, medical treatment, or other circumstances. That’s why I believe that donating hair can be such a powerful way to show support and solidarity with those who are going through a difficult time. I know that my hair will grow back, but for someone else, it could mean the world. It could give them a sense of confidence, a feeling of normalcy, and a reminder that they’re not alone in their struggle. I want to thank everyone who has supported me in this decision, from my family and friends who have encouraged me along the way, to the hairdresser who will help me make the cut. Finally, I want to encourage anyone who is thinking about donating their hair to take the plunge. It’s a small act of kindness that can make a big difference in someone’s life. Thank you.
-Araina gupta