Anandhi Iyer

I am extremely happy to be taking this step in my life. My hair is extremely personal to me.  I have been taking care of them very naturally. In the past couple of years  I am seeing a  lot of relatives and family going through the pain of chemotherapy for various cancer diagnoses. More than the pain of the therapy itself, the weariness on  the face , loss of hairs puts a lot of their confidence down. The idea to face the world even after fighting the disease with bravery seems terrifying. 
I made up my mind that I want to do something which can help  put a smile on  their face, and give some confidence to these survivors. I came across your NGO and read about the great work it does. I am extremely happy to be even a tiny part of something big and noble. 
I am so much hoping that my hair will fit all your requirements and really is useful to the cause. I totally believe that Real Happiness doesn’t come from getting everything  you want.  It comes from sharing whatever you have with people who matter.
– Anandhi Iyer