After almost eight months, he came again to the help desk with a big smile on his face

Almost 8 months back a Bengali couple came at Madat helpdesk at golden jubilee building of Tata memorial hospital. The man requested the #Madatvolunteer to fill up the form. He looked too stressed. After filling up the form the Madat volunteer consoled him that everything will be alright and they will soon go home.They were guided for further procedure. The surgery, the chemotherapy sessions and all other procedures were being done at Tata hospital. After that day he often visited the help desk for help and also informed us about his wife’s health & the progress. At the end of the conversation Madat volunteer would always say that his wife will recover and soon they will go home. The statement would cheer him up. After almost eight months, a week back, he came again to the help desk … but this time with a big smile on his face. Very happily he said that finally they were going home. “Oh good! finally God listened to your prayers” was the volunteer’s reply. He said “हां ज़रूर, पर सब आपकी मदद और दुआ है। आपका बहुत बहुत शुक्रिया।

One more smile added by the MADAT family…. 😊Truly satisfied.


– Vandana Mahajan