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Almas Khan

I never felt more happier in my entire life,shaving my head Off was one of the great decisions I have ever made. People think that it is mandatory for female to have hair to fit into these standards of society but I feel that everyone has only one life and they should do what they feel in the moment and never say no to things they feel right just because of the standards set by the society. I donated my hair in hope that it will help someone and give them a reason to smile again. I hope I could help in the future as well. Embracing our heart is more important than our looks. I never thought I would ever shave my head and feel so proud but here I am all happy and flaunt my bald head in the thought that my hair could make someone smile or give a reason to step out of there house and live. My parents and my siblings are all very proud of me and I feel thankful for people who put there hard work into organisation like this to make HAPPINESS possible. – Almas Khan