Aishwarya J Merwade

One part of me that I have always loved more than anything/ anybody despite all it’s flaws-my hair. Ever since I was a kid, I have loved having long hair and that’s what I have always had. A month and a half ago, I heard about cope with cancer through a colleague, they use your hair to make wigs for patients on chemotherapy and give it to them at no cost. Felt like it’s the least I could do to add a smile on to someone’s face who’s going through a tough time. And a month later, I decided to go for it! Find ways to give back where ever you can guys, to the society, people, planet, etc. in any small way you can. In the kind of world we live in, each one of us need to find our own small little ways to make this place a little bit better.

-Aishwarya J Merwade