What This 4-Year-Old Girl Did For Her Ailing Grandmom Will Leave You Inspired!

When you are going through a hard time in life, remember that sometimes inspiration comes from the most unlikely of places.

Ishaanvi’s grandmother was diagnosed with Stage 4 T-Cell Lymphoma last year. Even as she was fighting the disease and powering through the treatment like a brave warrior, the social stigma almost brought her to her knees. Four-year-old Ishaanvi saw the challenges that her grandmother was facing and realised that even though she was braving her treatment, she was ashamed about the fact that she was losing her hair and would have to hide behind a wig.

Ishaanvi wanted to support her grandma through her fight and decided to do something that most adults would find unthinkable!

“My mother was diagnosed with Stage 4 T-Cell Lymphoma one year ago. She’s always been my pillar, she taught me how to be a mom, and she’s been the best grandmother to Ishaanvi. When I heard the news for the first time, I felt helpless–my mother physically and mentally broke down. It’s the first time I saw any sign of weakness from an otherwise invincible woman.

But the stars were watching us, and my 4 year old came to our rescue. Not only was she my own source of light, but she made her grandmother bloom through the darkest of days. She would even go far enough to try to feed her and give endless cuddles.

But when mom started to lose her hair, the cancer became more real for me. Whenever the doorbell rang, she would run to go get her wig– succumbing to the shame attached to women being bald.

Regardless, Ishaanvi kept on trying to convince us that being bald could be a trendy choice–it didn’t have to be associated with a sickness. To prove it to us, she made an independent decision to shave off her hair!

Even at the age of 4, she didn’t care what her friends would think of her. She just wanted to show her Nani how ‘cool’ it was, and that she wasn’t in this alone.

It’s become their tradition now–Ishaanvi and my mom are partners in hairless crime. Every day they discuss the growth of a new strand, and what color it is. Together, they portray so much confidence, its mind blowing. Neither one is ever affected by onlookers.

My daughter made me question all the stigmas–Why are the courageous ones, those who are fighting for their lives, so embarrassed by the loss of their hair? Stand proud and show it off. It’s a battle scar and a badge of honor that was earned! My 4 year old has shown me that, I hope others can see it too.”