Aarya Mehta

I would like to share with you’ll the reason I got inspired for hair donation. My maternal grandmother was diagnosed with Cancer when I was 4 year’s old, but I remember my mom sharing the incidence with me. My grandmother had to get operated followed with radiation and chemotherapy. I have seen her going through pain during that period and losing all her hair post chemotherapy. 
I always pray to God that no one should pass through the pain she is gone through. My mom Hemali Mehta is donated her hair for cancer patients and is one of my inspiration. 
One of my main inspiration to donate my hair for cancer patients is through the teaching’s of SHRIMAD RAJCHANDRA MISSION DHARAMPUR (SRMD). It’s an organization that has over 100 shelters in different countries across the globe & the main center is in Dharampur. 
Hope this post and my pictures inspires all who are blessed with beautiful and long hair for this cause. Thank you all for working for the same cause.
– Aarya Mehta