Aakash Kapoor 

I’m just writing this just to show my happiness and I am very relieved today … Thought of the same when I was a child 
But being a Guy I wasn’t sure about it that whether I’ll be able to grow my hairs that much long or not as it doesn’t go with my Profession..
And many ( almost all ) of the relatives and friends didn’t supported me in this cause ( they want me to cut off my hairs ) but my mother , sister and my close  friends Renu and Arihant supported me for the  good cause and also they gave me the confidence and courage and I was able to stuck to my thought and opinion  and did not get it cut for 2 years 42 days 
And finally I fulfilled the requirement of hair’s length ( atleast 12 inches wr required for donation purpose) and I’m glad to share I donated 14 inches healthy hairs ( more than 200 grams) on 17 Feb 2023 .
Hair has been attached to beauty of women since time immemorial. Only a Women can understand the pain of losing her hair due to some illness or any other major reason . I really  appreciate your efforts ( COPE WITH CANCER )  in providing AND MAKING  free wigs to the  WARRIER (S) out of the donated hairs collectively and therefore  I’m donating my Locks of love for my fellow human. I feel a deep sense of satisfaction and happiness in doing so , all i know is that i need to do lots ahead for helping mankind. A first step i took is to donate hair 
Awaiting for my hair to grow, so that it can be of use again” –SHOW YOU CARE, DONATE YOUR HAIR.  I request everyone  – specially those who know me – please come forward and make a small contribution by donating their hairs in this Noble cause we need more people to join us as  Giving is not just about making a donation, it’s about making a difference . Let’s make someone HAPPY .
– DONATE BLOOD , DONATE HAIRS , DONATE ORGANS, DONATE CURRENCY, DONATE CLOTHS – Or find any other way of donation as per your convenience) But please DONATE –  baantne se zindagi mei kuch bhi kami nahi hoti – khushiyan badhti hain aur sukoon milta hai kisi aur ko khush dekh kar.

– Aakash Kapoor