And that is how tears are turned into smiles

A young woman, maybe in her mid thirties, has undergone mastectomy. She walks in for the counselling , tears rolling down her cheeks. #copewithcancer volunteer taking the session , asks her….what is bothering her. Tears roll out more freely….she is devastated…first cancer and then removal of the breasts. Breasts which all women are born with…an integral part of being a woman. She says….how will I face the world . People will laugh…and she shall be an object of ridicule. We ask her why….she says CANCER is contagious n now that she has lost her breasts too the society will shun her.

We at copewithcancer assure her that by the time the counselling gets over, she will walk out with a smile on her face. She sits through the session, listening intently…..and as the session ends she adorns the biggest smile ever.

She walks up to volunteer and says thank you….we ask…what did you learn, and these are the things she said

1) She says she can wear a prosthesis and face the world head on.

2) She learnt that Cancer is not contagious….she can still feed her child, cook, carry on with normal chores and not be secluded.

3) She learnt that life is beautiful and God has given her a second go at it. She will live it to the fullest

4) Last but not the least..her smile is back !!!

And that is how tears are turned into smiles.


– Vandana Mahajan